Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take returns?

No, the goal in opening Voltaic is providing an opportunity to see, touch, hold and ride before deciding what’s best for your needs. The equipment we sell is new, taking your purchase back leaves us with an unsellable product. All Voltaic products are backed by the full manufacturers warranty. All sales are final and are shipped UPS.

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in the continental US where UPS delivers.

Who pays for shipping?

We do!!! If it’s any of our Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV), along with any clothing or accessories ordered at the same time. Accessories, parts and clothing ordered separately would be billed standard rates.

What’s your billing policy?

We ship any non-expedited order within 48 hours of receipt. Billing and shipping address must match or purchase will be refunded. 

Can I get it quicker?

Definitely! Purchase any PEV and we’ll upgrade your shipping to 2 day delivery for a $100.  Want it tomorrow?  Place your order on an in stock PEV by 2p PST and you’ll have it the next  for $200! Delivery options limited to Continental US locations served by UPS!

Who does the warranty work?

We do!  If you buy if from Voltaic, we get it fixed!  Most of these rides are built all around the world in places like England, Australia, China, Sweden and Canada. Many potential owners are troubled with the thought of having to coordinate expensive shipping, waiting longer transportation times, dealing with communications in drastically different times zones for warranty repairs . We stock most parts to all of the PEV’s we sell, fix them here in the US and we’re a phone call away.

Why not buy directly from the manufacturers website?

You definitely can, in fact most don’t have another option. However we found that being able to see, touch and ride is incredibly valuable before making a large purchase. We’ve done the research, been to each of these manufacturers, worked with their staff and ride their equipment on regular basis. We’re eager to answer your questions, take on a demo and share our love of this sport. Stocking and selling the biggest names in the industry allows us to be more objective in sharing the pros and cons of each model.