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8″ Innova Tires and Tubes


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In stock

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SKU: Trampa-8-Innova-Tires-Tubes
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Weighing in at just 280g INNOVA’s 8 Inch SLICK-CUT STREET TYRE is the lightest, fastest 8 Inch tyre on the market today!

Its not just any old Tyre! Contained within its slick cut surface hides a few tricks that have drastically reduced the over all weight, whilst improving performing performance by allowing higher inflation pressures than ever before!!

Usually a tyres construction consists of 2 steel bands (The steel bands help to keep the tyres shape & allow tyre to slip onto the hub) being held together with ‘piano string’esk’ kind of thread (thick & Heavy). This inner construction is placed into a rubber mould, hot rubber is applied & forming machines make the final profile for the requirement. BUT instead of using the heavy Steel Bands the TRAMPA SLICK CUT TYRE uses Ultra lightweight KEVLAR Bands. KEVLAR is one of the strongest materials known to man & is commonly found in premium bicycle tyres which are known to inflate to well over 100psi. The KEVLAR Bands are held together using the highest quality Thread there is! High quality thread is incredibly thin therefore ultra light weight whilst not forgetting amazingly strong at the same time! As the Thread is thinner but stronger we are able to use more thread, making it even more stronger! This method is known as a high TPI (Threads per Inch), the TRAMPA SLICK CUT IS Very HIGH TPI!!

To save even more weight TRAMPA’s SLICK CUT Street Tyre is coated in top quality premium rubber using quite a hard compound that was originally designed for bicycles when road racing. As the Slick Cut tyres construction is so strong & because we have used a premium rubber supplier for our coating (INNOVA), we have been able to reduce the amount of rubber used for the cosntruction of the SLICK CUT Tyre to just 2 Layers of rubber (2PR) BUT with all of the upgrades & improvements we have put into its construction the Slick Cut tyre has been 4PR rated!

This double reenforcement, triple weight saving combination allows the rider to inflate to much higher than normal inflation pressure’s, thus naturally increasing top end roll speeds allowing the rider to go faster than ever before! All this whilst reducing the over all weight of the tyre by 1 third of its original! 1 third of the weight becomes incredibly substantial when 4 of these tyres are attached to any one board. Higher roll speeds & lighter weight boards is the best of both worlds with this product!

The SLICK CUT TYRE has a perfectly smooth rounded profile with a very wide center bead making it our stock tyre for the out coming TRAMPA DIRT SCOOTER. Its profile is designed to help the rider max out top end roll speeds & maintain movement! A smooth profile & high inflation capability means this tyre is the perfect option for high speed street rolling freaks as the grip pattern is working best on hard packed surfaces such as Skate parks, Tarmac or Asphalt!