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6.5″ Urban Tread Tires and Tubes


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In stock

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SKU: Trampa 6.5" Urban Tread Tires and Tube
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PTRAMPA’s URBAN TREADS tyres are arguably the PREMIUM TYRE in TRAMPA’s range of tyres. Made with whats known a High TPI construction (TPI means Threads Per Inch & the URBAN TREADS tyre uses thousands of very Fine Threads per Inch to stitch between the outer lightweight nylon bands, this in turn gives the construction shape to the tyre) this High TPI means the tyre’s construction is incredibly strong whilst still very supple, like a posh bicycle tyre but by smothering the Treads with premium quality HIGH GRIP COMPOUND motorcycle rubber to cover the High TPI construction, not only are the URBAN TREADS Tyre amazingly light weight but it has performance like that to match a premium motorcycle tyre!!

Having a High TPI & using hefty amounts of thick Motorcycle rubber means not only is the construction of the tyre incredibly strong but it will also wear incredibly well too. This extra strength in turn allows the tyre to be run at both, incredibly low tyre pressure or should the circumstances require (such as a skate park where you need to pump hard) inflated to being incredibly hard the URBAN TREADS Tyres can easily handle our factory set limit of 85psi, (but ONLY inflate to 85psi when fitting the URBAN TREADS on to the TRAMPA HYPA or SUPERSTAR hubs) but we have herd of some of the crazy TRAMPA Lab Rats (i mean team riders) are inflating over 100psi (i dont think their pump will allow them to get any more air in haha) & with currently no problems to report… But for sure, if one pop’s at 100 psi it will certainly make one hell of a noise!! BANG!!​ haha! 🙂

Riding on such a small sized tyre gives the most radical performance change to literally every board in the TRAMPA range. The is no doubt the tyre was developed specifically for the URBAN CARVER BOARD & more in particular the ELECTRIC URBAN CARVE BOARD where both products use a smaller deck & the smaller sized Mini Spring Trucks system, the smaller board needed a slightly smaller tyre than that of the full sized 8 inch ATB decks to compliment the overall product size, so in true TRAMPA style we made the URBAN TREADS Tyre special for that application but since then we have found over these last cold wet winter months that the 6.5 inch URBAN TREADS tyres have also become the choice tyre for Mountainboards who are maintaining their riding skills in the out of season period by riding in indoor Parks or Tracks, just ask the world famous Brind Brothers – PRO TRAMPA Team riders, who have literally not stopped riding through the winter since the release of these new tyres…

TRAMPA’s Electric boards have amazing performance with a top speed of well over 50kmph achievable on all models. When your hitting high speeds like this you need good tyres on your board. Thankfully the URBAN CARVE range of decks are fitted with super sexy 6.5 inch URBAN TREADS Tyres as standard. The reinforced, low profiled, wide center beaded with intelligently designed jagged edge around the side can be run on low inflation pressure which gives enough grip to cut muddy corners or nip down hard packed off road tracks no problem, but can also handle the super inflation for straight line flat out speed. If you wish to ride full speed we 1stly suggest you turn the SPRING ADJUSTERS clockwise to tighten the steering resistance, pre-loading more tension into your springs before you wish to hit high speeds will prevent potential wobble, and if you re beginning to feel a bit of wobble, then you should moce te springs to the outside position before attempting to go any faster. If you still feel speed wobble when the springs are in the outside position, then you should then further Add the TRAMPA DAMPA’s to add more resistance to the steering to enable you to be able to go even faster 🙂

The Urban Tread tyre doesn’t only handle high speeds easily but riding around town where you are likely to be bashing up & down curbs & dealing with cracks in the road or potholes, then you are most likely, or you should be riding at much lower inflation pressures. The lower pressure gives so much comfort on the rougher stuff but of course does increase Drag making it harder for your batteries to perform well…